I seem to have overdone it.

I know the owner.

I think the rumor is true.

She makes careful choices when she buys clothes.

I appreciate what she did for me.

We should celebrate.

Maria is sad today.

Every girl dreams of owning a pony.


They say he's sick.

Do not worry about that!

Why would anybody think that was a good idea?

Why didn't Steen wake me up?

I thought you said you knew Magnus.

He that marries for wealth sells his liberty.

It is one thing to promise, and another to perform.


They liked having more space for their children to play.


I'm really old.


Kathleen often goes to Boston on business.


We were having a few problems a while ago.

Mara asked Revised if she would ever consider going out with John again.

My father-in-law is an engineer.

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Its origin and purpose is still a total mystery.

Aimee and Samir couldn't make themselves understood in French.

Nobody seemed to notice that.

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I'll open the door for you.

Nils tried to put on a happy face.

When did you ask her?

The forest was so thick that one could hardly walk through it.

It's gotten too late, I should go back.

Spy was a known drug addict.

No one saw him take it.


Is basketball season over yet?

A-ha-ha-ha! What a blunder!

When writing English, she rarely makes a mistake.

If I had got a penny each time Donald said something stupid I would own a fortune of more than a million dollars.

It's really a nice idea.

I asked him to warm up some tea.

I met a Mr Kimura at the party.

Don't find fault with others.

Why are you so paranoid?

We didn't fail.

We must instill patriotism into the young people of today.


It being Sunday, the shops were not open.


Can you come up to my room and help me?

Every man or woman for themselves!

I thought you might be able to help.

I didn't want Erik to do that.

You don't want to get in trouble.


If I scold you, it is that I want you to improve.


He is such a tidy person. Every pot and pan is in its place.

That's very hot. Don't touch it.

Root knows the system.

I'd like to live a quiet life in the country after retirement.

Many people think I'm crazy.

I think it's time for you to grow up.

Was that supposed to be a joke?

What was the cost?

Wolf couldn't control his temper.

I could hardly hear what Srinivas was saying.

I'm not prepared to do this.


They lie all the time.

A nice roast chicken is one of my favorite dishes.

There is no telling when a severe earthquake will strike Tokyo.

Healthy food is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind, and as a result, promotes maximum efficiency.

The winter's sun gives only little warmth.

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How could you say something like that?


I asked Sylvan to help us do that.

That wasn't meant to happen.

Thanks for taking care of my sister.


Does Europe have a common language?

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Don't do to others that which you would not wish done to yourself.

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There's got to be something I can do.


We are the revelation.


I drank a lot and can't remember much of what happened last night.

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The old man pretended not to hear my question.

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At first he had trouble getting used to his new house.

Charles is opportunistic.

I had to get some help.

What would you do in this situation?

The vegetation and the murmuring water calm my ardent mind. A wind turbine rotates behind the trees.

I never meant for things to happen the way they did.

I can't blame her.

At least I tried to do something.

I was only kidding about that.

She was articulate, but none of what she said was true.

The weathermen predict that there may be some rain tomorrow, but that, in any event, the weather is sure to be cold.

My mother looks after the plants well.

I'm sure Christopher had something to do with that.

Ima isn't always happy.

I forgot my debit card at home.

Overall, the game's technology and society approximates that of an industrial or post-industrial science fiction.

He's just self-centered.

Dorothy is away on a business trip.

The city hall is located at the center of the city.

That is really interesting.

Scores of people came to the concert.

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The two men accused each other.

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She knew me.

I've been waiting for over an hour.

Ross pointed to the map on the wall.

Let's go out and have a good time with our friends.

That's a waste of time.

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Laurie's sick.

Rolf is close to Darrell.

Won't you sit down?

I need you to sign these papers.

I'm glad you're here, Betty.

In her most recently published book, the author praises the French language.

Nicolette was really tired.

Do you think it's just a coincidence?

He turned a deaf ear to my words.


That's the limit.


Gene wanted to help Rusty out.


Emmett was a teacher for nearly thirty years.

They cashed in on the second oil crisis.

In the summer, when the wind blows, ripe wheat moves like golden waves.

I must go about my work.

The class accepted the new teacher.

Who said you could do that?

I'm in love, but I don't know if it's mutual.

The short answer is no.

Duncan might ask you to help him.

The confusion beggars belief.

How long have we got?


They left that for us.


Which box do you like better?

I don't make excuses.

What are the neighbors doing?

He's looking for a leather belt.

I could get you fired, you know.

I'm not going to eat it.

You just got lucky.


Did you know this already?

He had his homework done before supper.

I don't know where Arthur is from.


I'm going to surprise him.

When he writes English, he often consults the dictionary.

Japan depends on overseas countries for the supply of raw cotton.

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What's the exchange rate today?

Fifty years ago anyone could have bought the land.

The policemen spotted the mugger at a train station.


I like the Brazilian climate.

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Daniel filled his glass again.


Oskar waited until Alastair was out of sight.

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She dropped in at my house yesterday.

I think Lukas is still in prison.

He is a director, and should be treated as such.

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He is a silent, manly boy.

Billie helped Tao.

Oil and water don't mix.

Most students are doing preparation for the term examination.

Isn't that better?


I cannot run. My feet hurt.


That's one of the ugliest dogs I have ever seen.

Hwa needs another bill like he needs a hole in the head.

How's that possible?


What a cute little girl!


Aren't you going to finish your supper?